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Topic:Devoted to Public Interest Whole-heartedly——Shi Yigong Add a comment   
Posted by forumenglish at 2017-03-17 14:36:38.0     Posts by the author  
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China Youth Web Beijing March 16th (Journalist Yang Yue)Today, let’s read a story of Shi Yigong.

"I want to work full-time in China, honey."An overseas call awakened the wife from sound sleep."Why?" asked the wife with surprise, in a drowsy voice, from the other side of the ocean.
In the United States, he had a great future ahead.At the age of 36, he became the youngest professor in the history of the Department of Molecular Biology at Princeton University, for his prolific academic achievements. At 40, he became a tenured chair professor at Princeton.
When everything seemed to others perfect and admirable, he resolutely decided to bid farewell to Princeton University, to an affluent life in the United States, and return to China.The news spread explosively. Many expressed bewilderment, many dissuaded him, many poked fun at him, and still many waited to have a good laugh at him.
He said patriotism is the plainest feeling of a person. Who doesn't love his motherland, after all?In his heart, the American dream is already something past; the Chinese dream is rising.
After returning to China, he summoned all his energy and worked like crazy, determined to do something big.He assembled a life science research team. Every day, he works 12 to 16 hours at his laboratory.
He is Shi Yigong, dubbed "Da Niu" (someone with extraordinary achievements) by Tsinghua students."So far as I'm concerned, awards are of no special meaning." Shi says calmly of accolades and honors coffered on him.
After returning to China, he has three goals in mind: to teach and influence a batch of young people; to establish at Tsinghua University a world-class structural biology center to advance Chinese research into life science and basic medicine together with colleagues; and to advance science education reform in China together with like-minded friends.
His given name, Yigong, is derived from an idiom that means "devoted to public interest whole-heartedly".In his 18 years of study in the United States, he never forgot his Chinese dream. In next 18 years, the Chinese dream will be more glorified by the endeavor of Shi Yigong and the likes of him.

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