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31.It's as ___________(easily)asturning one's hand over.


Key:easy。大多数形容词有三个等级:a)原级,即原形。b)比较级,表示“较…”或“更…一些”的意思。c)最高级,表示“最…”的意思。形容词原级用于as…as和not as(so)…as结构,表示“和…一样”和“不及…”。例如:Rice is as preciousas pearls and firewood as costly as cassia. 米珠薪桂    Time waits for no man; every minute is asprecious as gold. 时间不等人,分秒赛黄金。  

Going too far is as bad as not going farenough. 过犹不及

It is as easy as blowing off dust. 不费吹灰之力。

It is as warm as spring. 温暖如春

One has a mind as open as avalley. 虚怀若谷

Someone is as beautiful as peach andplum blossoms, but as cold as frost and ice.艳如桃李,冷若冰霜。

Somebody's great kindness is as weightyas a mountain. 恩重如山

There are as many as the hairs on an ox;countless. 多如牛毛

The river lies as smooth as silk. 江平如练

One is as old as one’s heart.心有多老人有多老。

Face is as important to man as the barkis to the tree.人要脸,树要皮。

Let's fight to see who is thestronger. 决一雌雄

形容词放在系动词后面作表语,放在名词前面作定语,放在宾语后面作补足语。副词修饰形容词、副词、动词或句子,在句中作状语。例如:A dog barks at the brushwood gate, As someone heads home this windy,snowy night.柴门闻犬吠,风雪夜归人。

Flocks of birds fly high and vanish;A single cloud, alone, calmly driftson.众鸟高飞尽,孤云独去闲。

Very quietly I take leave,轻轻的我走了,

As quietly as I came here.正如我轻轻的来;

Quietly I wave goodbye,我轻轻的招手,

To the rosy clouds in the western sky.作别西天的云彩。


Gently I flick my sleeves,我挥一挥衣袖,

Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away.不带走一片云彩。

She doesn’t regret that she is left so sad(主语补足语),But minds that so few canunderstand her song.不惜歌者苦,但伤知音稀。


32.It looks impressive(令人敬佩的;令人印象深刻的) but lacks real worth(价值;作用)-it looks _________(good) than it is.


Key:better。表示两者(人或物)之间的比较,“比…更”。例如:I reallybelieve that to have sons is a misfortune. It’s actually better to havedaughters.信知生男恶,反是生女好。(兵中行)

Money can’t buy time; time is more precious than gold. 寸金难买寸光阴。    

Better late than never.晚做总比不做好。 Worry kills moremen than work. 忧虑比劳累更伤人。  Actions speak louder than words. 事实胜于雄辩。

I have learnt much more from thisevening's talk with you than I could have learnt from ten years of study. 与君一席话,胜读十年书。

Learning makes a good man better and anill man worse.知识能使好人更好,坏人更坏。

A wise man will make more opportunitiesthan he finds.-Bacon. 聪明的人创造机会,而不是一味等待机会的来临。

I have much more to say than I can writein this letter. 书不尽言

One is delighted that things are betterthan one expected. 大喜过望

One values friendship more thanmoney. 轻财重义

Prevention is better than cure. 防患未然

Though death befalls all men alike, itmay be weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather.人固有一死,或重于泰山,或轻于鹅毛。——司马迁

There is not a heart but has its moments oflonging, yearning for something better, nobler and holier than it knows before.每个人都有向往的时候,渴望比以前更美好、更高贵、更神圣的东西。


33.The more the___________good.


Keybetterthe+比较级…,the+比较级,表示“越…就越…”或“愈是…愈是…”。例如:The abler one is, the more one shoulddo. 能者多劳

The higher the price, the better thequality. 一分钱,一分货。

The higher the rank, the worse thememory. 贵人多忘事。

The less a man has seen, the more he hasto wonder at.少见多怪

The less you do, the lazier you get.你越不做事越懒。

Themore alternative, the more difficult the choice.选择越多,愈难选择。

The more one tries to hide, the more oneis exposed. 欲盖弥彰

The more you learn, the less you feelyou know. 学然后知不足。

The more I help others to succeed, themore I succeed. -Ray Krok 我越多地帮助他人成功,我就越成功。

The older one gets, the deeper one’slove.老而弥笃

The more truth is debated ,the clearerit becomes.真理愈辩愈明。


34. Make____________ furtherprogress.


Key:still。比较级之前可用程度副词加以修饰,如:much、even、still、a greatdeal、a lot、a little、a bit、no、any等。例如:You know even less about it than I do.关于此事你知道的比我还要少。Make what is good still better.锦上添花


35.The ___________(sweet)grapeshang the highest.


Key: sweetest。形容词最高级表示三者或三者以上人或物的比较,其中有一个在某一方面超过其他几个时,用最高级。最高级前一般要加定冠词the,后面可带of(in)短语或从句来说明比较的范围。例如:The longest day has an end. 最难过的日子也有尽头。

One is the bravest of the brave in thewhole army. 勇冠三军

形容词最高级前有物主代词时,或作表语又不与他人或物比较时不用定冠词the。例如:Jenny is my best friend.詹妮是我最好的朋友。

Fruits are best when they are fresh.水果新鲜时最好。

First impressions arestrongest. 先入为主



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